Take a Guess at What the “Bullitt” Mustang Will Sell For at Mecum Kissimmee

January, 2020

1968 Ford Mustang GT "Bullittt"

Update 01/11/2020: Congratulations to @capvette for his winnning guess of $3,600,000. The actual price was $3,740,000 (including commission). Guesses ranged from $250,000 to $1,00000,000.

The winner will receive a set of Mecum Kissimmee auction brochures.

Mecum Brochures

Take a guess at what you think the “Bullitt” Mustang will sell for at Mecum Kissimee. The person posting the closes price, without going over, will receive a set of Mecum Auction brochures from the Kissimmee sale, including the one specifically prepared for the “Bullitt.”

Rules are as follows:

  1. The ‘winning price’ for this contest will be the price posted on the Mecum website for this car.
  2. Only one price guess per follower on Twitter via  retweet of our post about the contest.
  3. In case of duplicate winning price guesses, the first guess posted will be the winner.
  4. Price guesses will be accepted up to 10:00 am EST, Friday 1/10/2020.