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May, 2020

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Have you been following us on Facebook and Twitter? At least once a day, we post classic car images and videos, including messages directly from events we attend. Here are some of the most popular posts based on our viewer’s feedback. Checkout this rewind and joint our audience (and conversation) if you are not already on board.

All photos by eClassicAutos. Please provide credit if you share our photos.

Cool Classics

Customization is a tricky process, too much and it can be ‘over the top’, too little and you essentially have just an original looking vehicle.  But get it right like these owners and you have a stylish personal ride that anyone would love to take for a spin.

Restored Originals

Bringing a classic back to its showroom look is a labor of love for many owners. When the restoration is complete, the vehicle is their very own time capsule, jam packed with the memories of a lifetime.

Super Rare Classics and Prototypes

We are always on the lookout for rare, limited production vehicles.  This could be a prototype car that embodied the future thinking of designers or a one-of-kind movie or celebrity car.  Finding one of these is always a treat for us as well as our audience.

Sunday Funnies

Remember the cartoon section in the Sunday newspaper?  For our Sunday posts, we share some lighthearted and amusing moments at classic car events.  After all, isn’t that what classic car events are all about – having fun?


Seeing a car in motion or hearing from a builder/owner talk about their special ride adds a whole new dimension to a story.  Here are some of our videos that our audience liked the best.