Dave Kindig’s Best Bitchin’ Ride
1953 Custom Corvette CF1 Series

January, 2024

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If you’re a fan of the TV show “Bitchin’ Rides,” you know that cool customs are rolling out of the  Kindig-It shop on a fairly regular basis.   Dave Kindig and his team have worked on a variety of projects over the years, such as the award winning 1960 “Copper Caddy” the 1958 Lincoln “‘Maybellene,” a rare 1939 GM Futurliner, and several early generation Corvettes, predominantly body styles from 1958 to 1967.  However, Kindig-It Design has found a special niche with the 1953 design (the very first Corvette year).

Kindig Makes the CF1 His Own

To be clear to all purists, no original Corvettes have been harmed to create this new custom car that Kindig has coined CF1.  Some have called the CF1s ‘Kit Cars’ or ‘Component Cars’ because they are assembled using existing aftermarket parts.  The lightweight 291-lb. carbon-fiber body, which set on a modified Roadster Shop Spec 7 full chassis, are built by Doug’s Performance Corvette .  Starting with these basics, Kindig-It’s shop adds new technology to make the Build a modern supercar.

In the Beginning

The first CF1 was completed in 2021 to help celebrate the 100th episode of Kindig’s popular TV show, but after the general public got a look at it, the interest in these cars skyrocketed.  Car enthusiasts began placing orders for their own customized CF1.  Each CF1 is unique with customer-selected colors, interior touches, and engine bay dress up features.  Some of them received a through-the-hood fuel injection stack design.  Although each CF1 is different, they all share an elegant, drop-dead gorgeous look that is pure Kindig-it.

One design element that really exemplifies the Build’s innovative approach to capturing the 1953 Corvette design is the headlight glass.  Look closely, and you will see the simulated iconic wire mesh reimagined in a modern-looking etched pattern.


The CF1s Popularity

Reportedly, approximately ten CF1 custom Corvettes have been built and more are in the works.  Rumors are that the waiting list for new buyers is four years or longer and that the price tag is more than $550,000.  As the CF1s popularity grows, a few of them have been seen at major classic car auctions.   Anxious bidders, unwilling to wait for their own custom Kindig CF1, are willing to bid a premium to get their own “hot” Corvette now.

In January 2023, the #8 car in the CF1 series was sold at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction for $572,000.   In January 2024, the #5 custom Vette was sold at the Mecum Kissimmee auction for $770,000.   Later in January 2024, the #4 CF1 sold at the Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale auction for $605,000.


It seems that Dave Kindig has tapped into a lucrative market with his CF1 Custom Corvettes.  Much like the long-term Shelby Cobra replica craze, we expect to see many more Builds like this from his shop.  And, you can bet Kindig is already working on the next big thing to hit the streets in Salt Lake City.

Note: Auction Prices include sales commission

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