Summer Raleigh Classic 2019

June, 2019

Raleigh Classic

This niche auction is a closely guarded secret of many classic car dealers. After all, if you know where to find a large number of top-notch original and low mileage classics, the fewer people that know the better, right? Well, the word is out – the Raleigh Summer Classic, held annually in June, and again in December, is the place to be. Known for great classics at reasonable prices, these events, held at the Raleigh North Carolina State Fairgrounds, showcases mostly ‘Good Old Detroit Iron,’ as well as some high quality import offerings.

Of the 300 vehicles offered at this year’s two-day summer auction, most were domestic classics. However, at $125,000, a 2015 Bently GT convertible had the distinction of being the top sale of the weekend. Here are the top sales, as well some of the other vehicles that made this event another Raleigh Classic to be remembered.

Top Sales/Bids

Examples of Original Low Mileage Vehicles

Other Eyecatching Vehicles