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Advertising and Promotional Services

Visitors to our website are classic car enthusiasts. If you are looking to connect with this target audience, we offer website banner ad advertisements along with promotional posts on our social media platforms to help businesses communicate their goods and services. Contact us to discuss an ad package tailored to your needs.

Connecting Classic Car Buyers and Sellers

Being on site at many of the major car events across the country, eClassicAutos is definitely “where the cars are. Whether you’re a buyer or seller, we can help you locate or sell a vehicle through our connections in the classic car business.

Looking For

If you’re looking for a specific vehicle, we can help locate it. All you need to do is send us an email outlining your request, and we’ll take it from there. Location services can include: sending you notices of vehicles that meet your identified criteria, sending photos of the vehicles we locate, providing a cursory inspection of the vehicle, and getting you in contact with the vehicle’s owner.

Following is a list of vehicles we are trying to locate for our clients. Contact us know if you are selling one of these vehicles.


ChevelleConvertible1967BurgundyBig Block, Manual TransmissionOriginal, Solid Car

For Sale

With our connections in the business, we offer personalized assistance in selling your vehicle by locating prospective buyers and providing guidance to owners during the transaction. Our compensation is very reasonable, and won’t be payable until the car has been sold.

2005 Gto Rev 2

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1970 Corvette




1981 Mercedes-Benz

Thanks for the help – keep the Cadillac in mind!


1974 Corvette Convertible

Many thanks for all your help in selling the Vette, but more importantly thank you for your friendship.

Joyce and Jesse

1930 Ford Model A

The new owner for my ’30 Ford Model A picked up the car yesterday and it is headed across country to Savanah, GA. Thanks for handling all advertising and helping me locate a serious buyer who was willing to pay the price I wanted.


1985 Porsche

Instead of advertising locally, with your help, I sold my Porsche to an out-of-state-buyer through online advertising. Thanks.


1966 ‘Cammer’ Fairlane

There aren’t words to capture how completely thrilled I am with the video you shot and edited regarding my car. It’s simply fantastic, especially given that you were dealing with a couple of amateurs. Your camera movements – focusing in on particular elements as we described them, and fading back to full shots of the car and/or us to correspond to the commentary – were very impressive. In addition, you used your experience to make the car, and us, look good on video! You also provided guidance through your questions and instructions and then skillfully edited the video in a manner to make the entire vignette interesting and fun. Thank You!!! If you ever need a reference, let me know.


1959 Mercedes-Benz 190SL

Thank you very much for your assistance and advice at the Fort Lauderdale Auction. It was the first time for my son and I to attend such an event and your guidance and advice was most appreciated. Thanks for helping us to a successful outcome.


It was a pleasure selling my car on your website. I got a lot of exposure with the ad, and the photos and video were outstanding. Thanks again.


Barn Finds

I want to thank you for your recent assistance in finding a buyer for the old car collection of a deceased friend and colleague of mine. As you know, his widow is many states away from the barn where stored, and desperate for my help in selling them. Not being an old car guy myself, I was at a total loss as to how to proceed. You jumped right in, at considerable time and your own expense, to identify all the cars, locate serial numbers, photograph, evaluate, and then connect me with an interested buyer. And not only was he a potential buyer, he was a competent buyer who knew and could handle all the myriad legal requirements from all the state governments involved! He eventually did buy the whole collection and trucked them away. Otherwise, I am afraid I would still be hassling with trying to find buyers for each car or trucking them away to the crusher. Thank you again!