Replacing High Brake Light (High Mount Lamp) on 2007 Nissan 350Z Convertible

February, 2020

2007 Nissan 350Z Convertible

If the high (center) brake light has stopped working on your 2007 Nissan 350Z Convertible, the light unit itself may need to be replaced.   This sealed unit, also known as the high mount lamp, is not designed to be opened for repair, but it is relatively easy to replace.  If you decide to tackle this do-it-yourself project, here are the major steps.

  • Lower the convertible top stopping before the rear cover panel closes over the compartment where the top is stored. The underside of this rear cover provides direct access to mounting hardware and electrical connections of the high brake light.
  • Remove two nuts securing the high brake light and disconnect the electrical connectors. Hand on to the nuts, they are need to install replacement unit.
  • Run electrical check on the disconnected power supply connector with a volt meter. Press brake pedal and look for voltage spike.  If voltage is confirmed, it means the light is defective – replace light.  If there is no voltage spike, it indicates there is an electrical problem somewhere other than the brake light – probably best to get help from an experienced mechanic.
  • If the light is to be replaced, it can be removed after completing the steps above.
  • Clean surface where brake light is mounted, removing all pieces of old gasket.
  • Install new brake light in reverse order to the removal steps.
  • Check brake light after installation.
  • Drop the top and enjoy the ride.

The steps for replacing the brake light unit, described above, is shown in the below video.  Note that 1) You may also be able to use this video to replacement the high brake light on other convertible model years, and 2) The 350Z Coupe requires a different brake light, and the installation steps are not the same.

Click on the below image to see the part used in the above video.   Note that prices are subject to change.


IMPORTANT: When ordering the part, be sure to include your VIN number since this identifies your car’s paint color which the lamp housing should match.