Raleigh Classic Winter 2021

December, 2021

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The word is really getting out on the Raleigh Classic auctions, which are held twice a year in Raleigh, NC.  For the December 2021 sale, 500 bidders were onsite and over 700 remote bidders were registered for the event.  Interest in this auction was particularly strong because of the more than 320 classic vehicles on the docket, many in original condition and low mileage – trademarks of this niche auto auction.    With the combination of a quality inventory, good old southern hospitality, and great weather, this was more than an auction, it was a holiday party to close out the classic car season.  Here are some of the highlights from the sale.

Top Sales


The auction featured a spectacular lineup of Cadillacs, 34 in total.  There were so many, it was like going back in time and picking out a classic Caddy in a color and model at the dealership.  Included in this group were eight cars from the golden age of fins – 1957 through 1960.   Always crowd favorites, these luxury land yachts were the talk of the event.   The star of this group of Cadillacs was a rare and beautiful 1959 Eldorado Biarritz convertible, a highly-optioned original with less than 23,000 miles.  And, as expected from a star, it was the top sale for the entire auction.  Below is a look at these Fab Fin cars.

Original Drop Tops

Convertibles may not be very practical, but they sure look great and are fun to drive. What’s more, when it comes to collecting, they are typically the most desirable model in a vehicle’s lineup. Here’s a look at some of the unmodified gems that crossed the auction block at the Raleigh Classic Winter.

Broncos, SUVs, Trucks, and More

The Ford Bronco is a highly-coveted classic vehicle these days, and Raleigh Classic had three of them on their docket – one of the originals, one of the mid-generation, and a brand new 4-wheeler.   Also, there were other SUV-type vehicles offered for sale, along with vintage trucks.

Other Eye-Catching Cars

All prices show above are Hammer Prices.

The Sun Sets on the 2021 Raleigh Classic Auction Season

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