More Highlights from the 2020 Amelia Island Concours

March, 2020

Cars of Harley Earl

Starting in the 1930s and spanning three decades, Harley Earl was the styling visionary for GM car designs.  From fins to fancy grills, he helped create some of the most iconic concept cars whose styling features were integrated in all GM models.  These are some of the cars directly associated with Harley.


During the Brass Era, Loziers were the most expensive car a person could buy – comparable to a Rolls-Royce.  Today, only 30 are known to still exist.  Here are three we saw on the show field.

Mid-Engine Corvettes

The idea of a mid-engine Corvette has been considered for a long time.  Many concept vehicles with this drive train configuration have been built over the years to evaluate this approach.   Here are some of the predecessors to the new C8 Corvette.

Rolling Bones

Recognizing the importance of the American Hot Rod, the Concours held a special class for these vehicles, called “Rolling Bones.” Here are a couple we saw.

That’s Cute

Every year, The Amelia showcases at least one class that is outside the bounds of automobiles typically recognized at a Concours. These classes have always been very popular, which more than likely attributes to The Amelia being characterized as “the fun concours.” Here are some of these cars that just make you smile.

Fashion Show

A popular activity during the Concours is a fashion show, where ladies dress in period attire, posing with cars of the same era.  Here is what the best dressed ladies wore when cars from different decades were new.

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