Special Edition Mustangs
Showcased at Carlisle Ford Nationals

Over the Mustang's 50 years, a wide range of models have been built that have made the Mustang brand what it is today. Names like GT, Boss, Mach 1, Cobra Jet, and even Shelby have become synonymous with the Pony Car. But, there were also several limited-edition models, which were built to appeal to a specific regional sales area, or to fulfill a particular purpose. Some of these Mustang Specials are somewhat obscure, and as a result are quite rare. Here are some of the limited-edition Mustangs that gathered at the 40th Carlisle Ford Nationals.


1967 Branded Mustang

The Branded Special was created by dealerships to spruce up used Mustangs for resale. The Branded kit included a choice of vinyl tops in 15 colors, side stripes in 5 colors, quarter panel chrome, and special Branded emblems.


1968 GT/CS

A total of 4,118 GT/CS (California Special) Mustangs were produced in 1968. This limited-edition car, which was offered by California car dealers, could be ordered with any engine, transmission, color, or option, but only in a coupe body style. No convertible or fastback "Specials" were produced in 1968. The tail section (which is similar to the 1968 Shelby, side scoops, special scripting "California Special", body striping, and blacked-out front grille are some of the features that distinguish it from the standard 1968 Mustang.


1968 HCS

The HCS (High Country Special), which was produced 1966-1968, was a promotional Mustang for the Colorado car dealers. Only 251 of these were produced in 1968. There was very little difference between these and the California Specials, except the badge, and, of course, the HCS didn't have the "California Special" scripting on the rear quarter panels.


1969 Going Thing Mustang

Produced in the late ’60s/early ’70s, the Going Thing Mustangs were made as a replica to the Ford Drag Racing Team Mustangs and only 103 total were ever made, The name, "The Going Thing, which was Ford's marketing slogan at the time, was printed on the stripe of of each door panel.


1969 Limited Edition 600

The 600s were developed by the Philadelphia sales district. They consisted of special order, custom-colored Mustangs in either "Flower Power Red" or "Groovy Green." This promotion was only available on hardtops or sports roofs. Only 503 were produced, and most were powered by six cylinder engines.


1969 GT350 Shelby - Built in Mexico

In 1965 Ford of Mexico started manufacturing its own version of the Ford Mustang. Carroll Shelby was a supplier of performance parts, which were used to convert regular Mustangs into GT350s. In 1969, Shelby tailights were added to the GT350 Mexico. Unlike the US GT350 and GT500, it retained the 1969 Mustang's front end looks. In 1969, 306 were sold, one being a special racing model, which dominated touring car racing in Mexico during 1969 and 1970.


1970 Twister

Kansas City dealers sold these special Mustangs, which were produced only one year. Initially 100 Cobra Jet 428 Mustangs were to be built, but due to Ford's lack of 428 inventory, only 48 were made, but an additional 48, with a 351 Cleveland V8 were built, all in Grabber Orange. Also, 90 Torino Cobras, with 429 Cobra Jet or 429 Super Cobra Jet engines and 4 Rancheros with 351s were built -- all in Vermillion Red.


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