2014 Camaro Z28

Nothing excites the motoring faithful more than bringing back a legendary muscle car. The Camaro Z28, first introduced in 1967, was GMs road racing star and their competition for Ford’s Boss 302 and Mopars AAR Cuda. It returns again in 2014, after being absent from the Bow Tie lineup for many years. Still naturally aspirated, but with the powerful LS7 engine generating 505 HP, it is ready to burn up the track straight out of the box. It comes standard with all the good stuff -- an enhanced cooling system for the engine and transmission, huge brakes, special aerodynamics to produce more downforce, and a large front air splitter to reduce lift. Also, it has all new RECARO racing seats and a short-throw shifter for the 6-speed gear box. The only available options are a radio and A/C. For those willing to lay out $75,000, delivery starts later this year. The non-glossy paint scheme, with the blacked out wheels, is the hot new look. The car in this slide show is painted Pearl White Satin.