5 Eye-Catching Summertime Cars


Summertime is the time for cruise-ins and road trips, and there's no better way to go than in a ride that reflects the carefree feeling of the season. Here are five of my eye-catching picks for cruisin' the endless days of summer.




There's nothing like a '30s customized Ford Woodie to get you in a summertime state of mind. Strap a surfboard on the roof, and you'll be ready for the beach; or stock up on camping supplies for a night under the stars. These cool rides get plenty of attention, with their beautifully-crafted wood siding and their distinctive grille and headlights. This customized grass green 1937 Woodie at transformed the original Woodie station wagon into a ready-for-a-party fun machine.


1937 Ford Woodie



Two-Seater Sports Car Convertibles

Convertibles, particularly two-seater sports car convertibles, epitomize that "summertime and the livin' is easy" feeling. America's original sports car, the late '50s Corvette, is one of my favorite Ragtops. Even with the top up, you can tell by looking at these stylistic sports cars that you'll have hours of summertime fun. One of these little two-seaters is at the top of my wish list, but it is slightly out of my price range. A 1958 silver-blue beauty recently sold at a Mecum auction for 140K.


1958 Corvette Interior



Two-tone Mid-'50s Cars

In the mid-'50s, Ford, along with other automakers, offered cars in striking two-tone color schemes. These cars are popular collectibles today, with white and pastel colors being particularly desirable. These pastel-colored cruisers bring back memories of the good old days, when Saturday nights were spent dragging Main Street and driving through the parking lot of the local Dairy Queen


1956 Ford Fairlane



Plymouth Prowler

Plymouth Prowler may be the most impractical car ever produced by a major automaker, but one thing you can say about it: whether you love it or you hate it, it is definitely different, but in a cool way. The Prowler either looks like our vision of a futuristic vehicle or one of the extraterrestrial monsters in the movie "Alien." This strangely-appealing convertible will be fun to drive in the summer, and then store away during the winter months.


Plymouth Prowler


Volkswagen Bus

The '60s VW bus was a favorite people hauler long before mini-vans came on the scene. Grab some gear and a couple of friends, and as Steppenwolf sang, "Head out on the highway, lookin' for adventure." This VW would be the ultimate joy ride for your next beach vacation or cross-country trip.


Volkswagen Bus