The Frog Follies: Starring Street Rods and Jumping Frogs


The Frog Follies is a three-day event sponsored by the Evansville, IN Iron Street Rod Club. Beginning in 1975 with less than 50 car registrants, it has grown to an average of 4000 -- the largest pre-'49 Street Rod event in the world. You don't have to be a car enthusiast to enjoy the Frog Follies, but if you are, you'll get a chance to talk to fellow gearheads from all over the country, and perhaps a few international ones, as well. Here's a video of the   2014 Frog Follies.


What's With the Name, Frog Follies?

Almost 40 years ago, at their inaugural car show, the Street Rod Club held a bullfrog jumping contest, just for fun of it. It was such a hit that the event was dubbed the Frog Follies. The tradition continues to this day, but new rules have been adopted since that first frog jump. It's no longer a bring-your-own-frog event. To equalize the field, or perhaps because the Street Rod Club is familiar with Mark Twain's "Jim Smiley and his Jumping Frog," only amphibians provided by the club may participate. It's left up to the skills of the frog handlers to coax their frogs to jump -- without the use of their hands.


What's on the Agenda?

  • Car Show: You'll need your walking shoes and sunglasses to make it through the rows of polished chrome and wild-colored cars. Since all of the pre-'49s must have modifications that weren't available when the vehicle was released from the factory, you won't see stodgy museum cars or trucks here. What you will see is a lot of creatively souped-up works of art.

  • Car Parts Sale: If you're looking for collectibles or a specific part for your hot rod project, you'll have plenty of choices at either the swap meet or commercial vendor booths.

  • Incline Racing: For kids of all ages, bring a valve cover or oil pan, equipped with its own wheels, and then send it racing down an inclined track. Gravity is the only power source allowed for your custom-built creation.

  • Forgy's Games: For the young kids, who need a break from the cars, kids' game are available for registered participants of the Frog Follies, or a family member.

  • Music and Dancing: If you're a registered in the Frog Follies, you can attend the Boogie Bash and Dance, scheduled for Friday and Saturday evenings.

Here are some of the colorful custom street rods you'll see at the Evansville Frog Follies.













The Frog Follies -- Evansville, IN Street Rod Show from eclassicautos on Vimeo.