Long Beach Legend - 1936 Ford Deluxe Roadster


August, 2016 -- When the 2016 National Street Rod Association (NSRA) rolled into Louisville for its annual flagship event, Street Rod Nationals, it attracted not only 10,000+ members with their cars, but also some of the best Pro Builds in the hobby. As we took a walk around the huge Exhibitor's area, we saw many high-end custom builds that were used to draw attention to companies' products. These vehicles represented past contenders and winners of major industry competitions. At this year's event, there were cars from America's Most Beautiful Roadster show, Goodguys events, including the 2016 Street Machine of the Year winner at the PPG Nationals, Detroit AutoRama Great 8 finalists, and even a past Ridler winner. So, it wasn't surprising that a 1936 Ford Roadster, spotted at the Stewart-Warner booth, turned out to be more than just a nicely-restored Henry Ford drop top. The first clue was six spark plug wires on each side of the flathead motor. That would make it a V12, which wasn't an option back in the day. Fortunately, the owner, Jeff Romig, was there to tell us all about his car, named "Long Beach Legend." Jeff not only describes this unique ride, but also tells us what he plans to do after the show circuit. Apparently, it won't be a trailer queen forever. As Romig says, "Cars are meant to be driven..."



Long Beach Legend Awards in 2016


  • Finalist in America's Most Beautiful Roadster Show
  • Street Rod Top 100
  • Goodguys Del Mar show Top 5 Street Rod d'Elegance



Other Street Rod Royalty Spotted at Manufacturer's Booths During Show
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