Memorabilia Sale at Bruce Weiner’s Microcar Museum

February, 2013

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For two decades, businessman Bruce Wiener purchased microcars that were produced in the ’50s and ’60s. Traveling to many places around the world, his collection grew to over 300 vehicles and became the largest group ever assembled. To display his discoveries, he built a special museum which also housed hundreds of pieces of memorabilia. These fun items from the past included kiddy rides, neon signs, vending machines, and advertising art. In 2013 Bruce decided to close the museum and auction off his collection. Here is some of the memorabilia sold during the auction, including the seven highest priced pieces.

Top Seven Memorabilia Sales

  • Lot #489, Rocket Space Ranger Kiddie Ride — $39,000
  • Lot #530, Rustler Used Car Neon — $39,000
  • Lot #520, Indian Scout Kiddie Ride — $28,000
  • Lot #499, Miss America Speedboat Kiddie Ride — $27,500
  • Lot #542, Western Trails Traveling Pony Kiddie Ride — $27,500
  • Lot, #470, Spaceship Kiddie Ride — $24,000
  • Lot #160, Indian Motorcycle Kiddie Ride — $21,000

Note: All of the above sale prices are hammer prices, which do not include sales commission.

More Memorabilia

Follow this link for microcars sold at this auction.