Mecum Showcases the Eddie Vannoy Collection

July, 2020

Eddie Vannoy Collection

Eddie Vannoy had a passion for collecting the best of the best, and for more than 50 years he did just that.   Although his Collection was primarily automobile-related, his interests didn’t stop there.  It was obvious that he thoroughly enjoyed his hobby – of finding just one more special item.   Taking his attention to detail and quality just one step farther, he erected eye-catching, custom-made displays to showcase his treasures, making his Collection truly a sight to behold.  

Themed rooms for Muscle Cars, Mopars, Corvettes, Motorcycles, Pedal Cars, and Western Firearms were spread throughout his multi-building compound.  Vintage bikes hung from the ceiling, and the walls were covered in automobile-related signage, including more neon lights than can be found on the Vegas Strip.   Just being around these pieces of history was an amazing experience and so much fun.

However, after years of assembling this remarkable collection, Mr. Vannoy made the difficult decision to release his collection to the next generation of collectors.  It was time for others to have the opportunity to enjoy the items that he had painstakingly amassed.  So, he cosigned his entire Collection to Mecum Auctions, who spent five days selling the 5,000 pieces.  Here’s a look at Mr. Vannoy’s  treasure rooms before Mecum helped find new homes for each item.        


Iconic muscle cars, such as a pair of 1970 Buick GSXs and Mopar Winged cars, a 1969 Dodge Daytona and 1970 Plymouth Superbird, and late model Dodge Challenger SRT Demons and limited edition Corvettes and Shelby Mustangs were the centerpieces of Mr. Vannoy’s Collection. The icing on the cake was a 1958 Cadillac Series 62 convertible with tri-power.

Motorcyles and Boat Motors

1940s Harleys and Indians were apparently Mr. Vannoy’s favorite motor bikes. In the same room with the motorcycles, there were many vintage outboard boat motors. Along with the better known brands, such as Evinrude and Johnson, there were lesser known names, such as Waterwich, Sea King, and even a motor made by Indian Motor Bike Company.

Pedal Cars

Mr. Vannoy’s Collection consisted of two rooms full of pedal cars in mint-condition, and these were not the plain, dime-store variety. There were planes, firetrucks, Duesenburgs, and even a caterpillar dozer. You know there were a lot of happy kids who found these under their Christmas tree (BITD).

Bikes, Barber Shop, Firearms

Many of the bikes were in pairs – a boys and girls version – all looking showroom fresh. Along one wall was an old-time barber shop with vintage chairs and mannequin-clientele. All the fire arms, western rifles and hand guns were housed in a separate room.

Road Art and More

To provide a glittery background for all the major items in the Collection, memorabilia was scattered throughout the buildings. The below slideshow is a sampling of what we saw.

A Walk Through the Collection

Sales price includes buyer’s commission.

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