Hilton Head Concours & Motoring Festival

November, 2019

Packard With Couple

Hilton Head is known for its sandy beaches, sunshine, warm temperatures, and laid-back atmosphere.  However, what many people don’t realize is that this small resort town is host to one of the top Concours in the country.  

The Hilton Concours was the culmination of a week long motoring festival that included the Savannah Speed Classic and the Car Club Showcase. Now in its 18th year, the Concours d’Elegance has become a fall tradition of car enthusiasts around the world. At this year’s event, more than 160 specimens of rolling art graced the fairways of the Port Royal Golf Club, all vying for the Best of Show award.

Here are the sights and sounds that made the 2019 Hilton Head Concours d’Elegance one to remember.



Historic Vehicle Association Partner

New for this year was a special display of cars registered by the Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) as vehicles important in American automotive history. The four vehicles on display represented a broad cross section of how the motor cars have evolved. Significantly, this was the first time these vehicles have been shown together at an event:

  • 1907 Thomas Flyer
  • The “Flyer” won the first transcontinental automobile race in 1908 from New York to Paris.

  • 1933 Graham Standard 8 Sedan “Blue Streak”
  • The “Blue Streak” was a major change toward streamlining car design as compared to all cars before it.

  • 1947 Tucker 48 Prototype “The Tin Goose”
  • The “Tin Goose” was one of the first (post war) all-new designs that was truly futuristic.

  • 1985 Modena Spyder (Ferris Bueller “Ferrari”)
  • An iconic car to Gen Xers and Millennials, made famous by the 1986 movie “Bueller’s Day Off.”

Women Driving America

It was also the first year for a celebration of women in the collector hobby and automotive industry. “We’ve started to recognize a growing trend the last few years at our event – an increasing number of female owners and judges,” said Carolyn Vanagel, the event’s President. “The hobby and the industry are becoming more diverse and we are thrilled to recognize the women behind the opening of these doors.” More than 40 female-owned vehicles attended this year’s event.



Special Clive Cussler and William Boyd Displays

Interestingly, popular author Clive Cussler is also a classic car collector. As an added bonus to the show field, Cussler, along with well-known collector, William Boyd, brought some of their cars to the Concours.



Best in Class Winners

Each car on the show field is assigned to a class of similar year and model vehicles. Here is a sample of class winners that were in the running for “Best of Show”:



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