Hilton Head Car Club Showcase 2023

November, 2023

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Sunshine, more than 20 car clubs, 225 classic cars, and 10,000 spectators were on tap at the Car Club Showcase on Saturday at Port Royal Golf Club in Hilton Head.  Dennis Gage, the host of My Classic Car, presented the awards.  Here are the highlights.

Best of Show

Although Auburn never produced an Estate Woody, this recently completed coach-built wagon proves they should have. It may look original, but every panel and all the woodwork was crafted from scratch. And since a wagon version of the Auburn doesn’t exist, much of the body had to be designed before it could be fabricated. The builder told us that the project started with little more than a rusty hulk of an Auburn coupe and a few parts of the motor. The frame was completely rebuilt, with only a small section of the original frame containing the serial number attached.

Turns out that this particular car was one of only two supercharged straight 8 coupes built that year, making this Woody even more special. So for that purist that values originality over custom cars, this may not be an original, but no harm was done to a drivable classic Auburn in creating this beautiful wagon. That is, unless you feel turning a pile of rusty car pieces into a work of art was a bad decision.

Special Awards

Other Eye-Catching Vehicles

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