GAA Auctions 2017

July, 2017

The auction hall in Greensboro, NC known as “The Place,” was packed full of classics, including gems from the ‘50s, muscle cars, and trucks. In three days of rapid fire bidding, from July 27 through July 29, these cars (560 in all) rolled across the auction stage in the hopes of finding new homes. There were many top-of-the-line classics at the auction, but as is usually the case at these auctions, you can count on there being some real standouts. Here are two cars that got the auction hall rocking.

A 2005 Ford GT, with only 1800 miles, was the high sale of the auction, bringing in $257,500. This car not only has low mileage, but it has all but one (the painted racing stripes) of the four options available for the 2005 Ford GT. Another one of the stars of the show, a well-documented 1970 Hemi Cuda, also caused quite a stir, as bidding for it climbed to $220,000. Unfortunately, the set reserve was not met.