Favorite Restaurants in Hilton Head

November, 2023

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If you haven’t visited Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, you are missing an opportunity to experience one of the best seaside resort communities on the east coast. With its gorgeous surroundings, mild climate, relaxing atmosphere, and variety of outdoor activities, it’s easy to understand why many describe Hilton Head Island as their “Happy Place.”

We always enjoy trying out new restaurants while on vacation, and with more than 250 on Hilton Head Island, we guarantee some very delicious meals are in your future. Most of the restaurants are locally-owned, not “chains,” so you can expect the dishes and your dining experiences to be unique to the area. In fact, there are so many choices, it can be a bit overwhelming when deciding where to go, particularly if you’re looking for a specific type of cuisine, or if your time on the Island is limited. So, we asked the locals and frequent visitors what their favorite restaurants are, and then, of course, we had to do our own research. Although we’ve never had a bad experience, we do have our favorites. Here are some of our recommendations.

Our Top Restaurants

Charlie’s Coastal Bistro (formerly Charlie’s L’Etoile Verte)

For some unique and savory dishes, visit Charlie’s.  We have to stop by every time we visit Hilton Head.   Two of our favorite dishes on the menu are the Chicken Crepes and Beef Stew.

Frankie Bones

With their huge menu offerings, Frankie Bones definitely has something for everyone. And, everything is delicious. We’d recommend Salmon Oscar and Crab Stuffed Shrimp Scampi.

Holy Tequila

This has been voted the Island’s best Mexican restaurant, and we can see why.   We particularly like their iHoly Fajita Burrito! and iHoly Enchilades!, and their chips and salsa are absolutely delicious.

Mellow Mushroom

Mellow Mushroom has a huge selection of craft beers and some interesting pizza combinations. We like Holy Shitake, but with so many choices, you’re sure to find your favorite. The pizza crust is delicious.

Michael Anthony’s

Always one of the nicest dining experiences on the Island, specializing in delicious Italian cuisine.   And, for a special occasion, reserve a spot in Michael Anthony’s cooking school with hands-on and demo-only events throughout the week.  Head chef Trey Place is not only an excellent Cook but he is very entertaining during his presentations, which are located in an upstairs private dining room.  It’s a show and a meal you don’t want to miss.

Old Oyster Factory

For good food and a great view, you must check out this restaurant. Be sure to ask the hostess for a table with a sunset view.


The food is delicious, and the views are fantastic.  Lunch and dinner menus offer a wide variety of meals to satisfy anyone’s tastes.   The restaurant has been renovated, and although it was one of our favorites before, it is truly impressive now.

Santa Fe

This restaurant offers a variety of Southwest dishes. We recommend reserving a table on the rooftop, and be sure to order the “Painted Desert” soup, a true work of art in a bowl!

Skillet Cafe

This is one of the first restaurants we have to visit when we get on the island. It has that “at home” vibe that always makes us feel comfortable. We always get a bowl of their clam chowder.


Although we’ve added many restaurants to our list of “places to go,” since our first visit to Truffles, this still remains at the top of our list. Everything is good here.

More Restaurants We Recommend

For additional information about the above restaurants, as well as others we recommend you try, click below for our guide to “Restaurants to Try First on Hilton Head Island.” We hope it helps you make that all-important decision about “where to go to eat.” Because, after all, what’s a vacation without good food? Bon Appetit!

NoteSince restaurants frequently change their hours of operation, you should check their websites when planning your visit.  Also, it is always a good idea to make reservations to ensure a table is available at the time you prefer, particularly during in-season.  Links are included on the below spreadsheet.

Restaurants to Try on Hilton Head Island

Here are some photos of dishes we enjoyed during our research. These dishes weren’t staged, so what you see if what you get. You can be assured that the food tastes as good as it looks.

If you have your own recommendations that are not on our list, let us know.   We are always looking for our next favorite restaurant on Hilton Head Island.

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