Chuck Miller’s Rapid Transit Cuda, a Thrill Ride

May, 2023

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Of the 3,000 classic cars at Mecum’s 2023 Spring auction in Indy, the sale of the 1970 Plymouth Cuda Rapid Transit System (RTS) Show Car was the car that created the most excitement.  With a final price of $2,200,000, it sold for three times its pre-sale estimate.  Probably no one was more surprised than its builder, Chuck Miller who later said he was left speechless.  It was a long way from the first car he customized in 1961, a 1950 Ford Coupe when he was 18.  Even his prestigious win of the Ridler Cup in 1968 for the C-cab Ford Fire Truck may not have prepared him for the crowd’s reaction to the RTS Cuda sale.  What a thrill ride!

It’s a safe bet you’ve seen some of his other handy work but had no idea these customs were Chuck Miller originals.  Fortunately, we got a chance to talk to Chuck at the Mecum auction the day after the RTS Cuda sale.  In the below video, he tells us about how he helped shape the car-crazy ‘60s and ’70s, and what it meant to see the renewed interest in one of his favorites Builds.


The Rapid Transit Show Cars

1970 Duster

1970 Duster RTS Car

1970 Road Runner

1970 Road Runner RTS Car

1970 Cuda

1970 RTS Cuda

Don Prudhomme's Barracuda Funny Car

Don Prudhomme’s Barracuda Funny

1971 Road Runner

1971 Road Runner RTS

1970 Cuda (redone For 1971)

1971 Cuda RTS (This is the same Cuda as customized in 1970 but redone for 1971).

More Cars Built and Customized by Chuck Miller

Ford C Cab Fire Truck (1968 Ridler Winner)

Fire Truck Ridler Winner in 1968

Red Baron T Bucket

Red Baron T-Bucket

1969 Hurst Olds

1969 Hurst Olds

1969 Rambler Scrambler

1969 Rambler Scrambler

Sonic Cuda

Sonic Cuda

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