Charlotte Motor Speedway’s Rumble at the Roval

September, 2020

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Rumble at the Roval, two days of track time for Mustangs and other weekend racers, was held at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, American’s Home for Racing.   The event, which was organized by the SVT Cobra Club and Track Club USA, gave drivers the opportunity to test their skills on the high banked quad-oval curves and the 2 ¼ mile infield road course.    The event also featured a car show held at the Speedway Media Center.   Here is what all the noise was about.      

Track Cars

For anyone wanting the experience of driving one of the premier NASCAR tracks, this was that opportunity.  It was even possible to reserve garage space for a total pit-to-track racing operation.  Drivers signed up for this event based on skill level and were assigned to groups based on similar experience.  Throughout the weekend, the echoes of revving engines could be heard around the track, as each group took turns testing how far to push their cars.

Car Show

Held in the center of the Charlotte Motor Speedway, the car show attracted a large group of Mustangs, as well as some GM rides.  The highlight of this event was the chance to take multiple laps around the track while the race car drivers took a lunch break.  All we can say is, if you haven’t been on a high-banked turn like this quad oval, put it on your bucket list.

Special thanks to Tony Sorrentino ( and crew for making this happen.