Carlisle Summer Car Auction 2018

June, 2018

2018 Carlisle Summer Sale

Carlisle Auctions expanded their calendar of events this year with a Summer Sale, featuring 200 classic cars from all generations, makes, and models. This inaugural one-day Saturday auction drew quite a crowd at Carlilse’s Expo Center, and the phone lines were humming with remote bids. Here are the top 5 sales.

1957CadillacEldorado Biarritz$120,000
2007Porsche911 Turbo$72,760
1968Chevy ChevelleSS 396$58,850
1939LincolnZephyr Street Rod$56,710
Here are some of the other great vehicles that were on the auction docket.

2018 Carlisle Summer Auction Pre-Show


*All sales prices include buyer’s commission.