Bullitt Mustang Sale Sets New Record at Mecum Kissimmee

January, 2020

The whole auto world was talking about the pending sale of the “Bullitt” Mustang in the weeks leading up to the auction.  On display, like a prized gem, this super star of the Mecum event always drew a crowd around the glass house it was sitting in.  When the door of the house opened, and the ’68 Highland Green GT rolled out, the crowd’s excitement grew as cameras and cell phones struggled to capture every moment.  The “Bullitt” was on the move.  

But, it wasn’t until Mecum turned down the lights in the auction hall and announced “Lot F150 – The Bullitt Mustang” that utter pandemonium broke out.  The standing room only crowd was standing shoulder to shoulder, as Steve McQueen’s famous co-star made its grand entrance into the arena.    Here are some of the sights recorded during these magical moments at ground zero.   The “Bullitt” Mustang, the most expensive Mustang to sell at auction, sold for a whopping $3,740,000 (including commission).


Excitement When “Bullitt” Mustang Came Out of Glass Case


Pandemonium When the “Bullitt” Mustang Comes on Auction Stage

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