Big Red ‘69 Camaro: The Original Outlaw Racer Video

One of the baddest Muscle Cars of all times, Big Red is a winning road course racer that is now gunning for top speed records. Its stock ’69 Camaro Z28 body, which covers a full-tube chassis Coil-Over race suspension, is powered by a 598 cu. in. aluminum Rodeck block engine set back 14” for better weight distribution. In the quest for Big Red to become the fasted Muscle Car, it has been equipped with a procharged setup that generates over 1500 HP.

RJ Gottlieb, Big Red’s driver, has set many speed records, including the Mojave Mile record at 232 mph and the Mojave Magum at 238 mph, and now he’s going for the Bonneville record – 246 mph. In a previous run at Bonneville, Big Red reached 237 mph before the engine blew. It will be back again, on August 7, during Speed Week, where RJ will try to push it to 250 mph.

For an inside look at Big Red’s journey, watch “Big Red: The Original Outlaw Racer, an eight-part series, beginning July 27 on NBC-SN.