1953 Corvette Kindig-It CF1 Roadster at 25th Mecum Kissimmee Auction

January, 2024

Custom built by Kindig-it Design, this 1953 Corvette CF1 Roadster is a heavily reimagined concept of the original first- generation Corvette.  The custom carbon fiber body is finished in Cha-Ching Silver, has been fitted with a custom, one-piece rounded windshield, is powered by a Lingenfelter LS 652 HP V-8 engine, and has an automatic transmission. Dave Kindig has shown his CF1 Roadsters at various prestigious shows, and he took the John D’Agostino Award of Excellence at SEMA in 2022.

This Corvette, #005 in the CF1 design series, was on the docket at Mecum Kissimmee’s mega sale in January.  There was a lot of excitement surrounding this sale because of its notoriety in the hobby and the popularity of its designer, David Kindig.   After a lively bidding war among the audience and remote callers, Kindig (who was center stage during bidding) celebrated the Bitchin Ride’s sale for $770,000.

1953 Corvette Kindig-It CF1 Custom Roadster